Executive Board

The PASSMN group is managed by a board of directors consisting of a Chair and Directors of Program Development (Speakers), Membership (Treasurer), Corporate Development (Sponsors), Technology, Events (SQLSaturday), and Communications.

Current Board (2021)


Christopher Kramer

Christopher Kramer

Christopher is a Senior SQL Server DBA at Digi-Key Electronics. He and his team administer over 90+ servers. This includes server maintenance, developer/end user support, database backups, and new research.

The Chair will develop the agenda and preside over the meetings of the Executive Board. Serve as the liaison to the national PASS chapter. Responsible for the overall planning of the organization; organizes, directs, oversees and evaluates performance to strategic plan and objectives. Ensure the policies of PASS are followed and carried out. Responsible for leadership succession planning, including nominations, the election process, and the smooth transition of the Executive Board. Coordinate ad hoc responsibilities to members of the Executive Board and ensure that position responsibilities and assigned duties are carried out on a timely basis

Director of Program Development

PASSMN Board Member Imran Burki

Imran Burki

Imran Burki has over 15 years of experience with data warehousing and analytics. Imran enjoys giving presentations, networking, and showcasing the business value Microsoft data and analytics technology brings to organizations.

The Director of Program Development shall provide strategic leadership in program development, which offers personal and professional development to members and prospective members. Schedule and coordinate presentations and presenters for the regular meetings. Coordinate with the Executive Board to determine the content of future meetings. Work with the Director of Membership to determine specific expertise from within the chapter or group, identify potential external presenters, and identify vendors for presentations. Identify potential social-gathering events outside the recurring monthly meetings. Organize catering of the monthly meetings.


PASSMN Board Member Mark T. Mazzitello

Mark T. Mazzitello

The Director of Membership / Treasurer shall collect, manage, and utilize data collected about the members of the chapter or group; shall ensure that all notices are duly given in accordance with the provisions of these bylaws or as required by law; and shall serve as custodian of the records of the chapter or group; shall receive and give receipts for monies due and payable to the chapter or group from any sources whatsoever, and shall deposit all such monies in the name of the chapter or group in such banks, trust companies, or other depositories as shall be selected in accordance with the provisions of these bylaws; shall submit financial reports to the Executive Board at its regular meetings and to the membership at the Annual Meeting.

Director of Corporate Development

Eric Zierdt

Eric Zierdt

Eric has been working with Databases for over 20 years in various roles, currently serving as a Database Architect. Eric has been a member of PASSMN since 2009 and has served on the board of directors for several years. Eric enjoys speaking at SQLSaturdays in the region and sharing his knowledge with others.

The Director of Corporate Development communicates with local dealers and vendors on special offers and support of the Chapter or group with its various programs and projects. Serve as the liaison between the chapter or group and SQL Server vendors on the strategy and execution of outreach programs.

Director of Technology

Riley Major

Riley Major

Riley Major is an Enterprise Architect based in the Twin Cities, MN metro area who enjoys collaborating with business leaders to design and build technical solutions. He’s been programming and designing databases since he was a kid and doing so professionally for 20 years. He has a special place in his heart for T-SQL in SQL Server and loves to share that enthusiasm.

The Director of Technology provides strategic direction for the PASSMN Web site (redesign; enhancements, functionality; new product development; relationship building with third parties). Interfaces with other board members to identify Web needs specific to their areas; facilitates delivery of those needs based on priority and budget. Supports strategy and implementation of board programs via IT infrastructure. Serves as main contact to Web staff/service organization in helping to prioritize projects and focus efforts. Monitors critical dates and ensures appropriate content gets posted/updated on time. Reviews Web site regularly; monitors to see if new information is being posted (makes sure the Web site stays “fresh”). Periodically checks functionality (page loading, navigation, and valid links). Checks Web statistics. Supports special projects as determined and assigned by the board of directors.

Director of Events


The Director of Events is responsible for planning and executing all facets of the annual SQLSaturday event. SQLSaturdays are free, one day training events open to all Microsoft Data Professionals professionals. The Minnesota event brings together over 400 database professionals from not only Minnesota and the upper Midwest, but throughout the country.

Director of Membership and Communications

Sarita Garg

The Director of Membership and Communications shall be responsible for the corporation’s social media presence, as well as communications to the voting membership of meeting details and special communications as directed by the Executive Board. The Director of Membership and Communications shall be responsible for maintaining lists of Members and their status. The Director of Membership and Communications is responsible for recruiting new members, retaining existing members, and organizing regular industry networking events/opportunities. The Director of Membership and Communications shall perform other duties as prescribed by the Board or by the Board Chair.

Past Board Members

2020Chris KramerImran BurkiMark MazzitelloEric ZierdtRiley MajorAndrew VaheySarita Garg
2019Eric ZierdtJoshuha OwenSarita GargChris KramerRiley MajorDan English
2018Riley Major(Vacant)Joshuha OwenChris KramerDan EnglishCecil Spivey
2017Jim DorameJim HornCecil SpiveyChris KramerEric ZierdtRiley Major
2016Paul TimmermanJim DorameCecil SpiveyEric ZierdtRiley MajorJim Horn
2015Rick KruegerDave ValentinePaul TimmermanJim DorameRiley MajorJennifer Classen
2014Mike DonnellyTracy McKibbenWill WeberJennifer ClassenShirley MorilloRick Krueger
2013Paul TimmermanMike DonnellyJoshuha OwenWill WeberShirley MorilloBill Preachuk
2012Steve HughesTim PlasJoshuha OwenBill PreachukAndy LohanPaul Timmerman